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Ana's Story Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Ana's Story

Fill in the Crossword Puzzle: (There is some awnsers that are two words)

        U             T                
        C     B       I       A        
      S I X T E E N   A       B        
        A     A     P A P A   U        
              T       I       E        
          R   R       D       L        
        S E N I O R G A R C I A        
          F   Z                        
    S     O         G     B            
    I   G R A N D M O T H E R          
    L     M         D     R            
    V     C               T            
G U I L L E R M O         O            
    A     N                            
        S T O M A C H E A C H E        
          E                   R        
      H E R M O T H E R     A N A     P
      I       R   I           E       I
      P       P   V         I S A B E L
              H               T       L
              A               O       S
Across Down
5 She gets pregnant at this age
6 He said this to Ana, 'Protect your sister'
8 Ana's teahcer
12 The person Ana was forced to live with
13 He is Ana's boyfriend at the end of the book
14 What Ana thought she had when she went to the Hospital
16 Ana got HIV/AIDS from her
19 This person is the main character
21 Her sibling that wasnt infected with HIV
1 Ana's sister that died
2 She told Ana about how her Grandmother saved her when she was little
3 Ana's baby's name
4 Another name for Grandmother
7 Where Ana gets sent
9 She worked at the reform center
10 The person that Ana was angry at when her Papa died
11 Who Ana broke up with
15 Ana's Grandma's boyfriend
16 Berto's injured body part
17 The Game Ana plays When her grandmother and her boyfriend fights
18 Berto was also infected with this
20 Things that Ana has to take for HIV
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