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Analysis OF American Gothic BY Grant Wood Crossword Puzzle

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Analysis of American Gothic by Grant Wood

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Across Down
8 He spent most of his life teaching art in this city.
9 The man's hayfork and overalls represent this.
11 Reflects traditional, old-fashioned values found in small town America.
12 Their resemblance of this type of image of Midwest rural folks received various responses.
15 Wood created this painting on the onset of a very dark, serious time in history where not everything was happy and cheerful because people had to work so hard.
17 American Gothic is this for Wood
18 The type of clothing Wood dressed his models in so they would look the 'part' that fit the Gothic time period
1 Among the most influential 20th century painters.
2 If people had resilience, fortitude, and pride, they could overcome the hardships of the 1930s.
3 These symbolize domestic husbandry (farming) and growth.
4 This religious group was always seen as serious, stern, grim-faced, so some folks were outraged with the painting that showed them as such.
5 Throughout the piece, viewers are drawn to the horizontal and vertical parts.
6 Grant Wood was born on a small farm in this state.
7 The shapes of the trees, pattern on the apron, the spectacles, vest buttons ...
8 The architectural style of the house
10 The colonial print on this symbolizes 19th-century America.
13 Another words for overalls/jeans
14 'the Hans mewling of the American Midwest'
16 The picture might symbolize a hard life: the stark, black, fairly used jacket; the prim dress and brooch; the clean prongs of the fork ... make it seem not realistic for these folks.
19 American Gothic this type of pictorial statements of American pioneer culture.
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