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Anatomical Etymology Crossword Puzzle

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Anatomical Etymology

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Across Down
4 Last part of the digestive system where wastes are expelled from the body.
6 Bone in the mouth that breaks down food enough to swallow.
7 The medical term for armpit.
9 In medical terms it is part of the eye but can also mean a student.
11 A sac that comes through a weak spot in the muscle.
12 A very small blood vessel in the human body.
13 Taking some living tissue to examine it.
16 Part of the autonomic nervous system that controls 'fight or flight' response.
18 Medical term meaning to hear.
19 Tissue in our body that helps us to move.
21 The 'windpipe' of the human body.
23 The womb in the female body that holds and protects a growing fetus during pregnancy.
24 Any malignant growth such as cancer.
25 Long tube that food passes through from the mouth to the stomach.
26 A mixture of partly digested food and acids that are passed from the stomach to the small intestine.
27 Contains the vertebral column and spinal cord and is the 'backbone' of the human body.
28 Flexible tissue that covers the end of bones.
31 Movement of blood through out the body.
35 An artery in the heart that carries oxygenated blood out towards the rest of the body.
36 A gap between neurons where neurotransmitters are sent to another neuron.
37 Suffix in medical term that refers to cutting.
38 Helps to break down food by rolling into small clumps to be swallowed.
1 Largest organ of the human body.
2 Basic unit for life.
3 Closer to the attachment of a trunk.
4 Consists of cutting open the body in order to examine it.
5 Refers to blood vessels contracting or becoming smaller.
8 Tissue that connects bone to bone.
10 Part of the autonomic nervous system that slows heart rate.
11 Medical term for less.
13 Acid that the liver makes to aid in digestion.
14 Refers to blood vessels dilating or becoming wider.
15 Part of the small intestine that continues in breaking down food after the stomach.
17 Medical term for high.
20 Another word for head.
22 Part of the uterus that dilates during childbirth.
29 Part of the body that inflates and deflates in order to make the lungs inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.
30 The study of the structure of the human body.
32 Large part of the brain that controls major thought processes.
33 Acts as a storehouse for 'good bacteria'.
34 A directional term for distant.
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