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Anatomy Crossword Puzzle

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4 The enlargement of an organ due to the increased size of its cells.
6 Connects muscle to bone.
7 Head of myosin molecule.
8 Composed of many fibrils making the muscle shape.
10 The muscle that helps with the movement of the body.
11 Usually found in most organs (stomach, liver, etc.)
13 Tiredness in muscles that cause less movement.
15 Something that opposes the protagonist .
16 Something responsible for the creation of something.
18 A layer of aerolar connective tissue that ensheathes each individual myocyte.
19 Located in the heart, helps it pump blood.
24 Constructed from proteins.
26 Works with myosin to help produce movement.
1 A substance that assist with the process of synergy.
2 Degeneration of cells resulting in wasting away.
3 Chemical synapses.
5 Bundle of structures (like the nerves)
9 Connective tissue covering muscle fibers.
12 The point or place where something begins.
14 Music or sound that assists in bringing the point across.
17 Sheath of tissue covering the organs or muscles.
20 Fibrous elastic tissue surrounding the muscles.
21 Flat disk that makes the ER and Golgi apparatus.
22 The structure of fibrils in a striated muscle.
23 The act of inserting something.
24 Works with actin to help produce movement.
25 A tubular sheath that covers skeletal muscles.
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