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Anatomy And Physiology Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Anatomy and Physiology

          M A S T I C A T I O N       I                
                    U                 D                
R E S P I R A T I O N                 B                
                    E                 O                
                  F O R A M E N M A G N U M            
                    C                 E           G    
                    E                             A    
                  P R E C E N T R A L G Y R U S   N    
                    E                             G    
              G L O B A L A P H A S I A           L    
                    E                             I    
                  F L A C C I D D Y S A R T H R I A   C
                    L                                 A
                    A X I A L S K E L E T O N         R
                    R                                 T
                    T E N T O R I U M C E R E B E L L I
                    R                   P     A   I   L
          I P S I L A T E R A L L Y     I     L   G   A
                    C       X           G     L   A   G
M O D A L R E G I S T E R   O           L     I   M   E
A                 U         N           O     S   E    
N                 P                     T     M   N    
D                 I                     T         T    
I                 N                     I         S    
B                 E                     S              
Across Down
2 Chewing.
4 The process of exchange of gas between an organism and its environment.
5 Foramen through which spinal cord passes as it enters the braincase.
7 a.k.a., motor strip; the region immediately anterior to the central sulcus and considered to be the primary activation region for muscles.
8 Severe aphasia that includes significant deficits in both expression and comprehension.
9 Dysarthria arising from lower motor neuron lesions, resulting in muscular weakness, flaccidity, and reduced reflexes.
11 Portion of the skeleton including the head, trunk and neck.
12 Dura matter structure separating the cerebral cortex from the cerebellum.
16 Nerve fibers coursing and termination on the same site as origin of the fiber.
18 The vocal register used during normal conversation.
1 The bone shared by the tongue and larynx, and the only unpaired bone of the body.
3 Communicates sensation of temperature, proprioception (muscle spindle), and touch from the arms to the ipsilateral cerebellum.
6 Group of cell bodies having functional unity and lying outside of the central nervous system.
10 Connective tissue embedded in matrix, capable of withstanding significant compressive and tensile forces.
13 Unpaired cartilage between the tongue and thread cartilage whose functional significance it that it drops down to cover the laryngeal opening during swallowing.
14 Hyperkinetic disorder arising from lesions to subthalamus that involves uncontrolled flailing of arms and legs.
15 Fibrous connective tissue connecting bones or cartilage.
17 The process of a neuron that conducts information away from the soma of a neuron
18 Lower jaw, including dental arch.
19 Body in horizontal position with face up.
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