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Anatomy And Physiology Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Anatomy and Physiology

              F             V       O     G           S                      
              R             I       C     R     N     T                      
              O             A       C     E     E     R                      
              N             L       I     E     R     A   S A R C O M E R E  
              T             J       P     N     V     T   I                  
              A             O       I     S     O     U   M                  
              L             I       T     T     U     M   P E R I O S T E U M
              L             N       A     I     S     B   L                  
              O         A R T I C U L A R C A R T I L A G E                  
              B         P                 K     I     S   C                  
            S E B A C E O U S G L A N D         S     A   U                  
M                       C                       S     L   B I P O L A R      
U               D E N D R I T I C C E L L S     U     E   O                  
S                       I                       E         I                  
C                       N                                 D                  
U                       E L A S T I C C A R T I L A G E   A                  
L A T E R A L S U L C U S                                 L                  
A   E                   W                           F                        
R   M                 P E R F O R A T I N G C A N A L                        
    P       M           A                           E                        
    O   O   U         S T R A T U M L U C I D U M   X                        
    R   S   L           G                           U                        
    A   T   T           L                           R                        
    L   E P I P H Y S E A L L I N E     T           E                        
        O   P           N           H   R   F       L                        
        C   O       M E D U L L A R Y C A V I T Y   I                        
        L   L       E       A       P   B   B       N                        
        A   A       L       C       O   E   R       E                        
        S   R       A       U       D   C   O       S                        
        T           N       N       E   U   U                                
                    O       A       R   L   S                                
                    C               M   A   J                                
                    Y               I   E   O                                
                    T               S       I                                
                    E                       N                                
                    S                       T                                
Across Down
7 The space between each Z-line of myofibril
8 The external surface and lines the bone
9 This cartilage is located just above the proximal epiphysis in long bones
10 This gland helps lubricate skin and hair
12 This neuron is found in special sense organs like the eyes. The cell body separates the side with dendrites and the side where the axon is
13 These could be found in epidermis. It ingest foreign substances and are key activators of our immune system
14 This type of cartilage forms the epiglottis
15 This sulcus (groove) of the brain divides the frontal and temporal lobes
18 This structure connects central canals of adjacent osteons and houses arteries, veins, and nerves
21 This layer is only found in “thick” skin
22 This region is where bones grow
26 This structure is a chamber within the diaphysis of long bone. It contains yellow bone marrow and is lined with spongy bone
1 This joint is freely movable (Diarthrosis)
2 This lobe of the brain is in charge of memory storage, judgement, problem solving, conscious thought, emotion, and motor control
3 This lobe of the brain receives visual stimuli from photoreceptors in the eye
4 This fracture is more common in children
5 The deepest epidermal layer
6 This type of tissue generates electrical impulses
7 This type of epithelial tissue forms kidney tubules
9 This gland helps prevent the body from overheating in hot temperatures
11 This system in the body allows movement, provides posture and protection, stabilization, and thermogenesis
16 This lobe of the brain receives auditory stimuli from cochlea of the ear
17 These lines allow you to grasp objects in your hand
19 This is the most common type of neuron which contains two or more dendrites
20 This cell is bone resobing
23 This structure forms open spaces that house red bone marrow and is the matrix arrangement in spongy bone
24 This layer is deep to dermis and is primarily composed of adipose tissue
25 This joint is immovable (synarthrosis)
26 This cell protects the skin from UV radiation in sunlight and give skin its pigment
27 This is an open space between lamellae and each one houses one osteocyte
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