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Anatomy And Physiology OF Hearing Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Anatomy and Physiology of Hearing

              I N C U S              
                      P   C R I S T A
                      E   E          
                      C   R          
      P               U   U          
      I               L   M          
      N               U   E          
      N         P R O M O N T O R Y  
    M A L L E U S                    
                H E L I C O T R E M A
              M A S T O I D I T I S  
    A U D I T I O N                  
    N           U                    
    O       V E S T I B U L E   E    
    T           T               D    
    I     A     I M P E D A N C E    
    A     M     C               M    
          P E R I L Y M P H     A    
          U     A                    
          L   E N D O L Y M P H      
          L     S             E      
C O N C H A                   L      
Across Down
1 provides the intermediate communicating link of the ossicular chain
3 the receptor organ for movement
5 a bulge created by the basal turn of the cochlea
6 the largest of the ossicles
7 the region through which the scala tympani and scala vestibuli communicate
8 refers to inflammation of the mastoid bone that can result in unilateral deafness
9 the process associated with hearing
10 the entryway to the cochlea
13 resistance to the flow of energy
14 the fluid that fills the scala vestibuli and scala tympani
15 the fluid in the cochlear duct
17 the entrance to the ear canal
2 a device used to view cavities of the body
3 a word meaning 'earwax'
4 acts as a funnel for sound directed toward the head from the front or side
5 researchers who study auditory perceptual abilities that relate to the physical mechanism
9 refers to the complete absence of the pinna
11 a word meaning 'swelling'
12 the expanded region of the semicircular canals near one opening to the vestibule
16 forms the curled margin of the pinna
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