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Ancient China Crossword Puzzle

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Ancient China

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Across Down
2 These flying toys were invented by the Chinese army as a way to scare a way the enemies.
5 A person who rule China country are called_____.
7 A group of people in the same family that rule the country for short time are called____.
9 The first woman empress of China.
10 Chinese people were the first country invented paper by___.
11 The capital of Han dynasty.
12 The major Chinese religions were called The Three___.
14 The___City was a huge place.Most emperor lives there.
15 The art of handwriting.
16 The first emperor of China.
18 The right of an emperor to rule China was called the______of Heaven.
19 Wood,Fire,Water,Earth and Metal are called the____elements.
1 A famous trader in the Ming dynasty ,he brought back giraffe from Africa to China for the emperor.
3 5,500.3 miles wall long built by QinShiHuang and continue by another emperor.
4 This mythical creature was a sign of good luck, strength, and power to Chinese people.
6 The last emperor of China.
8 This colour is only worn by the emperor of China.
13 The Terracotta_____was built for the burial of the first emperor of China.
17 The continent of China.
18 Chinese people think their country is in the middle of the world so they called themselves _____kingdom.
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