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Ancient Chinese Crossword Puzzle

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Ancient Chinese

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Across Down
3 Also known as 'China's sorrow,' this river is more than 2,900 miles long.
5 This Chinese philosopher taught Daoism.
7 These people own land that the farmers farm on, and are the top social class.
9 Aristocrats, farmers, and merchants make up this.
11 A character that stands for objects.
12 To unify China a canal was built to this city.
13 Chinese doctors used this treatment to ease patients' pain.
14 Also known as the Yangtze River.
17 A kind of character used in Chinese writing.
20 Harmony with nature.
21 This aristocrat overthrew the Shang and began the Zhou dynasty.
1 This was the Chinese philosopher that believed you should have a sense of duty.
2 An expensive trade route used by the Chinese. It was about 4,000 miles long.
4 A system of cruel laws and punishments.
6 ' The First Qin Emperor.'
8 This was the capitol of northern China.
10 Founder of the Han dynasty.
15 A Chinese philosopher who came up with harsh punishments and rules
16 A formal order.
18 A line of rulers.
19 The Han dynasty reached its peek under this ruler.
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