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Ancient Civilization: Africa And Asia Crossword Puzzle

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Ancient Civilization: Africa and Asia

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Across Down
4 Spiritual Leader of the Hebrews
5 First set of Laws to be written down
6 Worship of many gods
7 Oldest form of writing in which symbols are used to represent ideas
8 The Old Stone Age
9 Punishment for many crimes committed in Sumer
10 Forced scattering of Jews
11 The area in which the Sumerian Culture came from
14 Sumerian Temple
15 Permanent Wanderer
16 Egyptian form of writing
18 Worship of one god
1 Egyptian Tomb
2 Egyptian Irrigation tool
3 Egyptian Ruler
4 a drawing that tells a story
5 The process by which new ideas, customs and technologies spread from one people to another.
12 The New Stone Age
13 The river that the Egyptian Culture was founded on.
17 First Civilization of Mesopotamia
19 One of the major rivers of Mesopotamia
20 Group of states, territories, or people ruled by a single entity
21 Hebrew Sacred Text
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