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Ancient Civilizations Crossword Puzzle

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Ancient Civilizations

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Across Down
2 Wealthy landowners in Rome
3 The belief that spirits are present in plants, animals, and other natural objects
4 Period of history during which people used bronze, rather than copper or stone to fashion tools and weapons
5 The truthful way or will
6 Period of Roman peace
8 An organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, practices, and worships that centers on one or more god(s)
9 Indigenous people of western North Africa
11 Art with balance, harmony, and order
12 The Prehistoric Period in which people made use of crude stone tools and weapons
13 Serious drama dealing with the downfall of a hero
14 To do without doing
16 Divine approval of a ruler (the gods want you to rule)
18 Taming of animals for human use
19 An arc of rich farmland in Southwest Asia (Middle East) 0
22 Belief in MANY gods
23 The process in which a soul is reborn again and again until it reaches perfect understanding
24 The Trade route between China and the Mediterranean
25 A state of perfect wisdom in which one understands basic truth
29 Any belief that went against the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church
31 A city and its surrounding land functioning as an independent country
32 Greek City-State
33 'Commoners' in Rome (majority of the population)
1 Culminating value of all one's life actions (good and bad), which together determine one's next rebirth or death
2 Thinkers who question things in the world, 'Why?', Lovers of Wisdom
7 System of bringing water to the fields
10 Spiritual leader of the Roman Catholic Church
11 New ideas spreading from one culture to another
15 Moral integrity and honor to surname
17 Conflict between two political groups within the same country
20 The Prehistoric Period in which people learned to polish stone tools, make pottery, grow crops, and raise animals
21 Light, amusing play that makes fun of serious subjects
26 Self-employed poets
27 The way in which people apply knowledge, tools, and inventions to meet their needs
28 Belief in ONE god
30 Pilgrimage (holy journey) to Mecca (one of the five pillars)
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