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Ancient Greece Crossword Puzzle

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Ancient Greece

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Across Down
1 a city-state which had a strong military force
4 this served as a religious center with alters to worship Greek Gods and Goddesses
5 a tyrant that seized power after 30 years of termoil after Solon
9 invaders of the Greek mainland from asia whose leaders became Greek kings
10 a Greek philosopher and teacher whose ideas shaped our ideas about modern government and study science by using observations and generalizations based on facts
11 a democracy that citizens elect a smaller group to make laws
12 a democracy that has people that gather for mass meetings to decide government matters
13 when the Greek language and ideas spred to non-Greek areas
15 the time when Greeks had forgoten how to make things and their written language
17 persian leader who united his people into the largest empire to exist at this time
22 the most important leader after Peisistratus died and reorganized the assembly
24 he canceled all ove the farmers debts and freed those who became slaves
2 the study of nature and meaning of life
3 a goup of people living together in a new territory
4 a great military leader and ruler who helped spred Greek art, ideas, language, and architecture
6 an open area that served as a meeting place and a market
7 early Greek city-states
8 an island south-west of the Greek mainland it was the center of Minoan civilization
14 a city-state more interesting in building a democracy than a military force
16 a body of water with water on three sides Greece is a peninsula
18 someone who takes power by force
19 a form of government in which small groups hold power
20 the Golden Age of Athens occured under his leadership
21 inslaved neighbors of Sparta who worked for the Spartans
23 the Greek philosopher, who invented the teaching method that we still use today
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