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Ancient Greece Crossword Puzzle

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Ancient Greece

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Across Down
4 foot soldiers
5 an open area that served as a meeting place
7 type of music
8 state slaves
9 calculated the size of the earth
10 Athenian statesman; introduce democracy
11 soldier formation when they are in a rectangle shape
12 typical polis built on high land
14 encouraged the spread of democracy
15 chief of a state
16 all peopole vote directly on an issue
17 form of government run by the people
19 Blending of greek culture with persian culture, egypt, and central asia
20 beliefs and rituals
22 a form of art, most common kinds of art
23 one of the worlds greatest inventors at the time
25 a dictator
1 people elect representatives to run a government
2 a city-state of ancient Greece
3 a certain kind of beliefs
6 King of Mecidonia
13 clear and order thinking
18 Greek philosopher of athens
21 process of making inferences
24 great pride
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