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Ancient India And China Crossword Puzzle

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Ancient India and China

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Across Down
6 Early Indian civilization flourished for about 1000 years then _________ without a trace.
7 The earliest Chinese civilizations were located in the ________ River Valley
9 The _______ of India is divided into three major zones.
11 The belief that the best government was one that governs the least.
12 One of the main similarities between Buddhism and Hinduism is that they both believed in ____.
14 The Indus Valley Civilization hadf a well-organized ________
15 Special regard (to worship)
16 Mountains in the north limited contact helped India to develop a distinct _____.
17 A period of great cultural achievement
18 This concept best explains why most major religions have followers all over the world? Cultural ______
1 The development of the concept of zero, the use of a decimal system, and the Buddhist cave paintings at Ajanta are all achievements of the ____ Empire.
2 A social group to which people are born and can rarely be changed.
3 In China, the idea that the gods chose the ruler and was the basis for the dynastic cycle was called the Mandate of _______.
4 This was the trade route from China to the Middle East.
5 The _______ or seasonal rains were a defining feature of Indian life.
8 _______Plateau dry, unproductive, sparsely populated zone of India.
10 Well-watered, fertile region with 3 major rivers (Indus, Ganges, Brahmaputra) and was highly populated.
11 The rise and fall of dynasties in China was called the _____ cycle.
13 The Himalayan Mountains, Pacific Ocean, Golbi desert and jungles ____ China from other civilizations
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