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Ancient Sumer And Egypt Crossword Puzzle

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Ancient Sumer and Egypt

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Across Down
2 a system of government that includes differentiated job specialization and levels of authority
4 a system of supplying water from flooded areas to dry areas for the purpose of cultivating crops
6 A region in the Middle East named for its rich soil and wheat fields
7 a political unit that includes a city and its surrounding land and villiages
8 a temple used to worship gods
9 a ruler who is also seen as a god/goddess
10 the area located withing the fertile cresent which means 'between two rivers'
11 a system of writing using pictures as words, actions, sounds, and concepts
1 the person who supervised the business of government in Egypt
3 a story told orally about the floods in Mesopotamia
5 a system of writing which used wedge shaped marks as complete words
12 A system of ranking groups
13 the area southeast of Mesopotamia where the first civilization developed
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