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And Then There Were None Crossword Puzzle

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And Then There Were None

7                                     8            
                    10                     11        
  12                                               13
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Across Down
6 a secretary, a games mistress in a school, and was investigated by the coroner for the death a child
7 The person/people who supposedly the owner (s) of Indian Island
10 drives a fast sports car and is a drinker
12 an anti-Semitic, is low on money, and has done things that may be illegal
14 the main characters were each invited to come to this place
15 a framed copy of this poem was in each of the guests' rooms
16 a retired judge, cigar smoker, and reads political news
1 this employee is the cook who fainted after hearing the message
2 a private detective, claims to have grown up in a colony in South Africa, and visited Indian Island as a child
3 Mr. Blore told the guests that this was his name
4 each guest was accused of causing this to another person/people
5 impatient and something happened almost 30 years ago that has been a rumor
8 this person is the butler and was ordered to turn on the gramophone after dinner
9 UN Owen
11 Vera Claythorne, Phillip Lombard, Dr. Armstrong , and Mr. Blore were traveling for this reason
13 a busy, successful doctor and a former drinker
17 in the center of the table where there were ten china figures of this.
18 65 years old, the daughter of a colonel, and critical of younger generation
19 tape recorder
20 Justice Wargrave, Emily Brent, Tony Marston, and General MacArthur were traveling for this reason
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