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Andorra Crossword Puzzle

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3                         4   5    
          7                       8
Across Down
2 guided ____________ leaded throgh trails in the snowy forests
3 take a ride on one of the noblest and beutiful animals
6 Andorra offers a wide variety of ___________ and off-piste activities for visitors of all ages.
7 enjoy like never before your favorite hobby in all forms
9 a southward neiboring country
10 For those whose see vertical challenges as a way of life, Andorra offers highly interesting attractions.
11 come watch a jazz movie at the national auditorium of orlando
13 enjoy the exitement of roller blading on this synthetic rink
1 do you want to feel what it is like to submerge in a lake at altitudes at over 2000 meters
2 a journey into the heart of medival andorra
4 Caterpillar vehicle rides to enjoy the snowy scenery daytime, observing the moon and the stars or visit a cave with torches safely.
5 come enjoy with one of the many activity companys
8 andorra invites you to discover this area's ____________ art
12 a northward neiboring country
13 come canyoning at one of these 4 places
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