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Animal Behaviors Crossword Puzzle

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Animal Behaviors

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1 animals shake to increase heat production
3 humans do this to cool down their bodies
4 dogs and other mammals do this to cool down, where they open their mouths and allow heat to exit
5 A bird is adapted to fly because its bones are ____________
6 An animal defense where the organism blends into its environment
7 birds and mammals are considered ________ because they control their own body temperature internally
9 a state of reduced activity, used to conserve food stored in the body during periods with little food during winter
10 A duck follows the first moving thing it sees after hatching. This is an example of __________
11 Kangaroos and Koalas are examples of _______ mammals
12 the bodies automatic response to protect the eye from foreign objects
13 The part of the birds digestive system comprised of rocks used to grind up food
2 reptiles, fish, and amphibians are considered _________ because they can't control their body temperature
6 An elephant moves toward the zoo keeper when he enters the animal pen. This is because the elephant associates the zoo keeper with food. This is an example of _________
8 when a weaker animal copies a stronger animal to ward off predators
11 A mammal that lays eggs
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