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Animal Nutrition Crossword Puzzle

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Animal Nutrition

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Across Down
2 an organic substance needed in small quantities to perform specific functions; they do not provide energy but are essential in using energy
5 the second segment of the stomach; it has many layer-like projections
7 a nutrient needed to grow new tissue and repair old tissue; especially important for weight gain, growth, and gestation
8 provide energy; make up about 75 % of an animal's diet
9 nutrient that can be dissolved with ether
10 how well an animal likes feed; molasses is added to increase this in many rations
12 makes up about 75 % of the weight of an animal's body; it also helps with regulating body temperature and promoting biochemical processes
13 a feed that is high in energy or protein
14 the material left after the food has been digested; it is made of plant cell walls and cellulose
16 the building blocks of proteins
17 a substance that is necessary for an organism to live and grow
19 digestive system that has a simple stomach
1 ration one that contains all the nutrients that the animal needs in the correct proportions
3 he process by which animals eat and use food
4 an inorganic element found in small amounts in the body; essential in skeleton growth and necessary for body systems to function properly
5 digestive system has a large stomach divided into compartments
6 given to females who are producing milk
11 a good source of energy;contains the highest amount of energy
15 argest section of the stomach; receives ingested food
18 the total amount of feed an animal has in a 24-hour period
20 an increase in size of muscle, bones, and organs of the body
21 muscular organ that stores ingested food and moves it into the small intestine
22 a feed that is mostly leaves and tender stems of plants; they are also known as forages
23 the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius
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