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                                2   3                
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Across Down
2 I've got long ears. My name's Roger in a cartoon.
4 I'm grey and big, I've got 2 long teeth, 2 big ears and a very long nose. I can be African or Asian
8 I'm a wild animal : the king of the jungle.
9 I'm a dog's baby.
10 I'm a dangerous fish. Don't swim with me, I can eat you!
13 I can fly in the sky
15 I'm Australian, I can jump, jump, jump!
17 I love mice, milk (?) sleeping on the sofa all day and chasing at night.
20 I love swimming with humans
21 Am I a stupid animal ?
23 I've got a very long neck and I'm yellow and black. I live in the Savannah.
24 I live in deserts. I can spend days without drinking. I can stock water in my body.
25 Cowboys ride me.
27 I'm a hero of kids' stories. I want to eat the Little Red Riding Hood.
29 I'm brown or white, I sleep all winter. I'm Baloo, Mowgli's best friend.
1 We can dance when the cat is away (absent).
3 I'm an insect and I can have beautiful colours. I can fly. I love flowers and summer? I've got 4 wings.
5 I give eggs, it's good to make an omelette!
6 I'm a grey animal but I can be a part of a computer too.
7 I can swim. The English eat me with chips.
9 I'm a calourful bird but be careful, I can speak and repeat your words!
11 I'ma cat's baby.
12 I'm a small yellow bird and I live in a cage.
14 I'm in cartoons. My name's Pluto, Dingo, Rantanplan or Snoopy, etc.
16 The French think I'm a red fish but not the English.
18 Americans eat me with pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving Day.
19 I'm Chrissie's little brother.
22 I'm very slow, I love the rain and salad.
26 Adam, Eve an apple and me
28 I love chickens and hens
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