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Animals Crossword Puzzle

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Find the animal or word related to animals

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Across Down
2 An animal that feeds its babies on milk from its body
3 A small animal like a mouse with wings that flies at night
6 Everyone is really upset about what David said. He's really put the cat among the ...
8 You can't trust him; he's as sly as a .....
10 The thick hair that covers the bodies of some animals like cats and rabbits
11 A small flying insect that is usually red with black spots
12 A very large animal that looks like a large fish, lives in the sea, and breathes air through a hole at the top of its head
15 A..... dog: extremely angry, violent, or forceful
16 A bird's mouth
1 A green insect that jumps about using its long back legs
4 Two long pointed teeth that come out of the mouth of some animals
5 False tears to give impression of sadness: ......tears
7 A Harry Potter animal: a small, brown animal with long back legs for swimming and jumping
9 One of the sharp, curved nails on the feet of some animals and birds
12 One of the long, stiff hairs that grows around the mouths of animals such as cats
13 The hard part on the foot of a horse and some other large animals
14 Sam's been ill for a long time now so he's as weak as a ....
15 A young horse
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