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Animals OF Africa Crossword Puzzle

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Animals of Africa

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Across Down
6 The_____can be found throughout the northern and southern savanna. It has big horns that start on the middle of its and down to its ears than curve up.
7 The____is one of the most fearless animals in Africa. It will remind you of a skunk. The____can be found in moist savannas and semi desserts.
9 In medieval england, ____ horns were sold as unicorn horns. ____live in dry plains. The____is an antelope with long spear like horns.
10 The small spotted____is found in more arid regions. ____have a spotted body and striped tail.
11 Thousands of spines protect the ___from predators. The____ is a small mammal with sharp spines that cover the animals back and sides.
13 The ____ is said to be the elephants closest living relative. _____ is a small fury mammal with four toes on each front foot and three on each back.
14 The____is one of the worlds largest and slowest antelope.____has the endurance to maintain a trot and jump an 8 foot fence from a stand still.
15 The____live in open savannas,deserts, and arid grasslands. The____has a white tip on its tail and has indistinct stripes along the side of the body.
17 The____ color pattern will remind you of a cheetah. The____has the longest legs of all cat's.
19 The____ are competing with agriculture for living space.____ lives in grasslands, flood plains, or savanna woodlands. The____can live in groups of forty or less
20 The____is one of the largest and heaviest forest antelope. ____are only found in rail forest with dense undergrowth.
1 ____can be found in semi-desert, wooded areas, and mountainous areas. The____is mostly carnivorous. You may know the ____for its bald face.
2 The____can survive without water for months. The____lives in moist and arid savannas.
3 ____are the most common forest antelopes. ____are small antelopes that inhabit the forest or dense bush lands.
4 ____are the worlds biggest land mammal. The____have a grayish skin tone.
5 The____usaully lives in treeless grasslands. The____coloring makes it a popular target.
8 The ____ is known as a scavengers, but____are actually are skillful hunters. ____are fairly large in build and have relatively short torsos with a lower hind quarters.
12 The____is the worlds tallest mammal.____'horns' are actually are knobs covered in skin and hair above the eyes.
16 ____love to eat wild watermelon and other fruit for there liquid. The____has stripes and spots on there body and most have a line of white hair inbetween there eyes.
17 The____is known for its huge horns. ____lives in Miombo. The____is a barrel chested antelope with a short neck,long face, and dark mane.
18 There is usually only one male____in a group. The ____population is declining. ____can be found in savannas, grasslands,dense bush, and woodlands.
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