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Anthropolgy Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
1 The bone that normally takes most of the contact when a person is given a contact related concussion, also related to whiplash.
5 The male _____ is thicker and joins the pelvis at a straighter angle that the female_____.
8 This word translates literally into “the story of a life told by the bone”
9 We will look at this area and decide whether it is a heart shape or round to determine gender
12 The model is used when determining the race of a skull.
13 Ridges in the nose that can help us determine race
14 The angle of this bone in the skull helps us determine if the skull is male or female
16 Angle in the pelvic region that can help determine gender
17 Marks found on the skull that help us determine age
20 The scientific study of all aspects of human development and interaction.
22 Measurement determined by the size of the Vomer that helps determine race
1 The length your jaw is extended out below your maxilla
2 The _____ of a bone helps us determine if a bone is male or female by plain sight
3 As you grow older your 450 bones drops to 206 bones because your __________ hardens and turns into bone.
4 This bone can be used to help determine sex but not race
6 A cartilaginous line found when cartilage is slowly replaced with hard, compact bone
7 The length of bones is a key factor in determining _____.
8 If this ridge in the back of your skull is present then you are most likely a male
10 Also known as the collar bone, this bone is easily breakable in contact sports like football and wrestling.
11 Used to crush food in your mouth and is known as one of the strongest muscles in the body
15 There are _____ places in the skull were the bones will morph together and create suture marks
18 This is one of the most painful bones in the body to bruise or fracture
19 The hole in your nose is known as the _____.
21 When a cartilage combines deposit materials, such as calcium phosphate, harden to form a bone the bone has been _______.
23 Also known as the orbits of the eye or the eye socket
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