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Anthropology, Sociology And Psychology Crossword Puzzle

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Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology

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Across Down
5 A from of marriage in which one person has more than one spouse.
7 Action based on prejudice, especially regarding race, age or sex.
8 A preconceived opinion or judgement that does not take into account all relevant facts.
9 Those disciplines that focus on the creative side of the human experience.
10 Form of conditioning in which reinforcement comes after behaviour.
14 The scientific study of the development of the human species and of the various cultures that make up humanity.
15 All forms of life have changed over time through natural selection.
16 Form of conditioning in which reinforcement comes before behaviour.
18 The life-long process through which humans learn the skills and attitudes they need to function in society.
21 A child raised in almost total isolation within human households.
22 The quest for perfection, your philosophical and spiritual ideals.
23 Socialized to have certain personality and behavioural traits.
1 People suffering from this kind of disorder often lose touch with the real world and require treatment.
2 Has a large number of close associations, and draws strength or energy from these associations.
3 Man is formed in Gods image.
4 A family type that consists of a married couple and their biological children.
5 The systematic study of peoples thoughts, feelings and behaviour.
6 Genetically preprogrammed, ‘born with’ traits.
7 A process whereby people come out to see each other no longer as human beings but as simple objects.
11 People suffering from this often experience high levels of anxiety but can still manage daily life.
12 Family formed when couples remarry and bring with them children from their former relationships.
13 Reason and self control, your practical grownup self.
15 Parents select who their children will marry.
17 The scientific study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society.
19 Draws their strength from his or her inner life,
20 The pleasure-seeking part of the mind, your inner wild child.
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