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AP Rhetorical Terms Crossword Puzzle

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AP Rhetorical Terms

  5                           6              
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Across Down
3 device used to produce figurative language
4 term describing traditions for each genre
5 figure of speech using deliberate exaggeration
8 the introductory material of a composition which creates tone
11 metaphor developed at great length
12 strict, literal dictionary definition of a word
13 more agreeable or less offensive substitute for an unpleasant word
16 the listing or detailing of the parts of something
1 repetition of a word or phrase after an intervening word or phrase
2 figure of reasoning in which one or more questions are asked and then answered
3 speech not intended to carry literal meaning
6 teaching of moral or ethical principles
7 major category into which literary work fits
9 a single word or short phrase interrupts normal speech to emphasize words on either side
10 sermon
14 sensory details used to describe, arouse emotions, orrepresent abstractions
15 related to style, refers to writer's word choice
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