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Arabia Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
3 Muslims doctors in Baghdad improved ____________.
5 The temperature in Arabia are very ________.
6 Many Muslim doctors and scientists also studied the ancient Greek ___________.
8 There are lots of huge ________ ________ in deserts.
9 Muslims practiced religious ___________ with people they conquered.
12 Trade also brought many __________ groups of people.
14 Muhammad taught ____________ that there is only one God to believe in.
15 Islamic achievements in math created new ideas for our math textbooks called ____________.
17 Islam means, 'to submit to _____________.'
18 The _________ were Muslims who thought only family members of Muhammad could be caliphs.
19 Nomads travel through deserts with __________ of animals.
1 The _________ didn't think that caliphs had to be related to Muhammad but as long they were strong leaders and great Muslims.
2 The _____'____ is a book of Muhammad's teachings and is the holy book Islam.
4 Arabia is known as a _____________ location.
5 Trade was important because nomads and sedentary needed clothing,cooking supplies,animal products, and ________.
7 The _______ is the fifth pillar of Islam and is a pilgrimage to Mecca.
10 Abu Bakr was the first __________,which means, 'successor.'
11 The _________ is a book on how Muhammad lived but the Qur'an is the holy book of Islam.
13 Sedentary lived in towns where they can ___________ materials or items that they need or don't need.
16 Islam was spread from Mecca to Medina then Medina to the rest of ____________.
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