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Arabian Peninsula Crossword Puzzle

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Arabian Peninsula

                    1   2   3   4          
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Across Down
4 Holy city.
6 belief in a single god.
8 a muslim.
10 a place where a group of soldiers is stationed for defensive purposes.
13 a person who believes in more than one god.
15 Minutes.
16 a division of a country or an empire.
20 Believeing in something.
21 A social group that shares a common ancestry.
1 a refusal to do business with an organization of group.
2 a person who speaks or interprets for god to other people.
3 Arabian Penisula.
4 A person.
5 around the peninsula.
7 a group of related families.
9 a line of rulers descended from the same family.
11 a title taken by Muslim rulers who claimed religious authority to rule.
12 a religion.
14 Present.
17 The desert is dotted with oases, areas where fresh water is available.
18 a person who adopts new beliefs,esoecially those of religious.
19 an attempt to surround a place and cut off all access to it in order to force a surrender.
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