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Around The Office Crossword Puzzle

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Around the Office

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Across Down
2 An example of a prepaid account we do not accept
4 Talk in terms of the other person's _________________________
7 Who owns Okinus??
8 Debit Card Processing System
9 Give Honest and _________________ Appreciation
11 One of our biggest stores (in Texas)
12 We should look here before asking for help if we do not know the answer to something.
14 We use this to review our schedule, verify our time, and request time off.
16 What is the sweetest and most important sound in any language to a person
17 What is the first thing you should do when you get a customer on the phone?
19 We use this date for when Okinus will get paid
1 A good way to make a first impression
3 If approval notes are in red we will always need this.
5 We use this to check and see if customer's are in bankruptcy
6 Begin in a _____________________ way.
10 The system we use to process new applications
12 We do not need this if a customer is financing less than $1500.00
13 A state we file suit in
15 Let the other person save ___________________________
18 How many Senior Managers do we have?
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