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Art And Artist Crossword Puzzle

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Art and Artist

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Across Down
3 What nationality are artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera?
4 What country is DaVinci and all the other TMNT's namesake painters from?
5 Who painted 'American Gothic?'
7 Where was painter Edgar Degas born?
8 In what period did Velazquez paint 'Las Meninas?'
10 'Water Lilies' is actually 250 paintings by Monet. What type of paintings did Monet paint?
11 This painter's statue of David is nude and was created around 1500.
13 In the painting, 'American Gothic' by Wood, what is the man in the painting holding?
14 In the painting, 'The Birth of Venus' by Botticelli, the goddess is standing in an....
15 Who painted Whistler's Mother?
16 Who painted the 'Blue Boy?'
17 'The Thinker' is this painter's most famous piece.
1 What painting by Edward Hopper portrays people eating at a diner late at night?
2 Goya worked for the king of what country?
6 In what period did DaVinci and all the other TMNT's namesakes paint?
9 What painter cut off his own ear and sent it to his girlfriend?
12 What type of painting as are Diego Rivera best know? Hint: they are on walls.
18 'The Kiss' by Klimt is a painting, but 'The Kiss' by Rodin is a_________.
19 Finish this title of a painting by Van Gogh, The Potato..............
20 What do over half of Degas' paintings depict?
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