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Art Appreciation Crossword Puzzle

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Art Appreciation

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Across Down
4 A twentieth-century art movement that favored a new perspective emphasingz geometric forms.
6 An artwork created by assembling and arrangemetn of objects within a specific loactaion.
7 Art imagery that departs from recognizable images from the natural world.
9 The creation of the illusion of depth in a two-dimensional image by using mathematical principles.
12 A period of cultural and artistic change in Europe from the 14th to 17th century.
14 An artist belonging to the Surrealist movementin the 1920's, later whose art was inspired by dreams/subconscious.
16 A late nineteenith-century painting style convenying the impression of the effects of light.
20 A silence performance work; actors use body movements and facial expressions.
1 A print created from an incised piece of wood.
2 A technique where the artist paints onto freshly applied plaster.
3 A work of art assembled by gluing materials, often paper, onto a surface.
5 Having one or more valules of the one color.
8 A color darker in value than its purest state.
10 The use on non-overlapping parallel lines to convey darkness or lightness.
11 A group of early twentieth-century French artists whose paintings used vivd colors.
13 An side of a building, usually the front entrace.
15 The surface quality of work,
17 The range of colors used by an artist.
18 The relative clarity of color in its purist raw form, demonstrated through luminous or muted variations.
19 The material on or from which an artjist chooses make a work of art.
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