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Art Appreciation Crossword Puzzle

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Art Appreciation

Cave Dwellers-Realism

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Across Down
2 _______ artists tried to paint everyday subjects and people exactly as they appeared without adding emotional meaning to the scene.
4 Egyptian teams of apprentice artists started a painting/carving project by drawing the piece on _______papyrus.
9 Medieval Romanesque paintings, usually of Christian subjects, were _______ (no shadows) and somber.
10 Medieval Gothic art was a move towards realism with brighter colors, ________ and perspective.
12 Roman Emperor _______'s Christian beliefs allowed Christians and their art to come out of the catacombs.
13 The Fox Hunt by American Winslow _____ shows the reality of a hungry fox hunting in the snow while being hunted by a raven.
15 Renaissance artists used _______, proportion and light to add realism to their art.
16 Cave dwellers painted with colors made from _______ materials.
17 _______ (Calling of St. Matthew) was one of the true master painters.
18 Athena at the Parthenon and Zeus at Olympia were both made by _______, one of the most famous Greek Classical sculptors.
20 The Third of May 1808 by Francisco Goya shows a different side of the Romantic artist from Spain, the side of _______.
22 Viking art tends to be more _______ and symbolic.
24 Christian art was more about the _______ than about the physical.
25 Baroque art was very _______, full of life and movement, and emotional.
26 _______ architecture can be seen in the columns on buildings in America.
27 _______ fans are believed to have originated in Japan.
28 _______'s great reputation as an artist earned him an invitation by Pope Julius II to decorate rooms in the Vatican.
1 _______, one of the greatest painters of all time, was a Dutch painter who specialized in the portrait.
3 Romantic art focused on _______, feelings, and moods of all kinds including spirituality, imagination, mystery, and fervor.
5 The Mayans have an ancient tradition called _______ where they weave bright colored thread into their fabric to form various designs.
6 The _______ is a form of art for many Native American tribes in the north and northwest.
7 Some of the finest artwork by Native Americans was the rugs and blankets woven by the _______ tribes.
8 The term Renaissance man was coined from _______'s many talents; artist (Mona Lisa), scientist and inventor.
11 High Renaissance artist _______ sculpted Pieta and David as well as painted Biblical frescoes on the walls and ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
14 Roman art was more _______ than Greek art.
19 _______, a late Medieval artist, is said to have started the Renaissance in art with his new style of realistic painting.
21 Egyptian figures in paintings/carvings are standardized with male figures always _______ squares tall.
22 The Wanderer Above the Sea and Fog by German Caspar David _______ is the painting that best represents the Romanticism movement.
23 The greatest Viking achievement is the _______.
28 The Chinese have an ancient custom of creating decorations by cutting _______ paper into various types of designs and pictures.
29 The life of the people that lived in the Indus River Valley can be see in the _______ they used to identify themselves.
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