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Art Appreciation Crossword Puzzle

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Art Appreciation

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Across Down
4 a network of horizontal and vertical lines; in an artwork's composition, the lines are implied.
6 an artistic and social movement, originating in Italy in 1909, passionately in favor of everything modern.
7 colors (such as blacks, whites, grays, and dull gray-browns) made by mixing complementary hues.
10 an imaginary line showing the center of a shape, volume, or composition
11 design school founded in Wiemar,Germany, in 1919
12 an area of lightest value in a work
13 a volume that has, or gives the illusion of having , weight, density, and bulk
14 the regular or ordered repetition of elements in the work
15 the use of non-overlapping parallel lines to convey darkness or lightness
16 Handwritten texts
17 the relative clarity of color in its purest raw form, demonstrated through luminous or muted variations
19 a painting executed directly on to a wall
1 a print created from an incised piece of wood
2 The material on or from which an artist chooses to make a work of art
3 the distance between identifiable points or planes
5 medieval associations of artist, craftsmen, or tradesmen
6 a perspective technique that depicts a form at a very oblique (often dramatic) angle to the viewer in order to show depth in space.
8 an arrangement of predictably repeated elements
9 any side of a building, usually the front or entrance
18 the surface quality of a work, for example fine/coarse, detailed/lacking in detail
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