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Art History Crossword Puzzle

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Art History

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Across Down
6 a vertical section of a church
9 attached half columns
12 thick defensive wall circuits enclosing towns
13 arches whose curve extends for one quarter of a circle’s circumference
14 continuous semicircular cut-stone vaults
16 cross from engaged columns across the nave
18 semicircular chapels attached to the ambulatory
20 scars intentionally created to form patterns on the flesh
26 piers with columns or pilasters attached to their rectangular cores
28 diagonal arches in a vault used to partially support the roof
29 sun dried mud bricks
30 sculptures carved from a single block of stone
1 the band of arcades below the clerestory
2 point at which an arch begins to rise from its support
3 vertical stone bars
4 a church where the aisles are approximately the same height as the nave
5 bell towers
7 decorative panel above and behind the altar
8 exterior arches that counter the outward thrust of the nave vaults
10 the seat of the local bishop
11 vaults that absorbed the pressure along the length of the nave
15 a mound built in the form of animals or birds
17 ornamented with figures
19 tall, narrow windows ending in pointed arches
21 vaults with radiating ribs forming a fanlike pattern
22 ax-shaped polished forms found in Olmec art
23 upper gallery over the aisle opening onto the nave
24 a small round window
25 wall decoration consisting of bright panels of different colors
27 divided into six parts
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