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Art History Crossword Puzzle

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Art History

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Across Down
2 An art medium of opaque pigment and a water based binding agent
4 A Style of art using simple shapes and interlocking planes
5 A group of artists who lived and showed in Paris
7 A French artist who liked to paint pretty clothes
8 An art medium made of dried compressed pigment and a binding agent
9 A Dutch artist who was considered a failure
11 A group of art with the same theme
12 A painting by
15 Two things close together for a contrasting effect
17 A painting by
18 Two colors across on the color wheel
19 A female Mexican artist
20 A picture of the artist by the artist
21 A painting by
22 A style of painting that concentrates on brushstroke, color, and light
28 A comparison of size relationships
29 A Russian artist who worked in many different mediums
30 Use of symbols to represent ideas and emotions
1 A painting by
3 A picture of natural scenery
6 A French artist who painted still life paintings
10 A style of art that doesn't represent reality
13 A technique to create bronze sculpture
14 A french term for painting outside
16 A style of art using accurate and detailed depictions of life
23 A style of art where small dots are used
24 A style of painting that makes an illogical effect
25 Thick application of paint on a canvas
26 A style of painting that emphasizes local traditions
27 A picture of inanimate and/or commonplace items
28 A painting by
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