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Art History Crossword Puzzle

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Art History

                10                   11
Across Down
3 The way in which an artist organizes forms in an artwork, either by placing shapes on a flat surface or arranging forms in space
5 The 'middle' Stone Age
7 The quality of a surface, such as rough or shiny
8 The 'new' Stone Age
9 In art history, both the actual area an object occupies or a building encloses, and the illusionistic representation of space in painting and sculpture
10 In architecture, a head-on view of an external or internal wall, showing its features and often other elements that would be visible beyond or before the wall
12 Greek, the 'writing of images.' The term refers both to the content, or subject, of an artwork, and to the study of content in art. It also includes the study of the symbolic, often religious, meaning of objects, persons, or events depicted in work
13 The material, for example, marble, bronze, clay, fresco, in which an artist works; also, in painting, the vehicle, usually liquid, that carries the pigment
1 The person or entity that pays an artist to produce individual artworks or employs an artist on a continuing basis
2 The use of perspective to represent in art the apparent visual contraction of an object that extends back in space at an angle to the perpendicular plane of sight.
4 The extension of a point along a path, made concrete in art by drawing on or chiseling into a plane
6 Painting in the 'shadowy manner,' using violent contrasts of light and dark, as in the work of Caravaggio. The term derives from tenebroso.
11 A distinctive artistic manner. Period style is the characteristic style of a specific time. Regional style is the style of a particular geographical area. Personal style is an individual artist's unique manner.
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