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Art Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

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Art Vocabulary

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Across Down
7 subject of an artwork-what the work is about
8 sculpture that is raised from the background from which it is carved, always attached to the background
9 height by width and depth; fully articulated in space; viewed from any angle and exists in the viewers space
10 artwork resembles something from the natural and visual world around us, that is, the world of natural appearence
11 being educated in the language and terminology of the visual arts
13 studying the jargon (language one doesn't understand) attached to the making of artworks: learning how to critically view artwork
14 resemble the natural world, exists on a continuum
15 an artwork that emphasized the emotional and psychological content of the work
17 3 components of any artifact or work of art
20 the literal shape and mass of an object or figure
21 height by width; a flat surface (drawing paper or canvas) 2-D
26 thick paint on a surface; if you can see the brush strokes the artist is painting with heavy impasto; conveys emotions and intensity
27 how the work was created, the media used (the paint, pastel, clay, bronze, paper, etc.)
28 any materials used to create a work
1 pertaining to the study and appreciation of any form of art, whether it is beautiful or not
2 use of symbols to represent the invisible, intangible, or abstract
3 the rendering of images and objects in a stylized or simplified way; the formal or expressive aspects are emphasized
4 having a consistent, unique manner of visual expression that is distinct from others
5 a contemporary term; not staying within the confines of a single medium (adding objects into sculptures)
6 quality that makes a work of art appear clost to or resemble the natural world-it looks real, whatever that is
7 a piece of sculpture that the viewer can walk around and is intended to be viewed from all sides
12 study of styles of art and cultures linked to these styles
16 the flat two-dimensional surface of a work of art, the 'window'
18 meaning of an image (artwork) beyond its subject matter
19 any sort of natural or manufactured object that is not make by the artist but found by them and put into their artwork
22 a curving, rounded, sensuous event, and derived from the natural world
23 attempts by an artist or any human to put their mark on something, to announce their existence to the world
24 fully developed story of what you see in an artwork
25 looking critically at artworks to find successes and weaknesses
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