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Asia Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
2 word meaning sauce
4 rich cheese cake
8 seasoned chicken broth containing beaten eggs
9 cooking method where foods are cooked over high heat in a small amount of fat
11 beet soup
12 mixture of vegetables garnished with chopped veal or lamb kidneys
13 thrid major cooking technique. hot slightly sour flavor created with vinegars and spices
15 fourth major cooking technique. Indian version of Chinese sweet and sour
17 mixture of spices to make curry
18 clear fish broth
19 7th largest contry in the world (India)
20 home of the oldest civilizations
21 tall, cylindrical yeast cake filled with with fruits and nuts
22 largest country in the world
23 cabbage soup
1 second major cooking technique. braised in yogurt
3 Processed, salted roe of large fish
5 tender strips of beef, mushrooms, and seasoned sour cream sauce
6 looks like a metal bowl and is used for cook stir frying and deep frying
7 type of yogurt
10 Indian clarified butter
14 appetizers
15 flat bread
16 simplest cooking technique
21 staple food made form buckwheat
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