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                                      2                 3       4                      
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                                37           38       39     40   41                        
Across Down
2 A storm with high winds and heavy rains.
12 Large circular structure built of animal skins that can be packed up and moved from place to place.
14 (2 words)The use of nonviolent protests to challenge a government or its laws.
15 To refuse to buy items from a particular country or company.
18 (2 words)The spread of the control of nuclear power.
20 (2 words)A situation in which a country's exports are larger than its imports.
22 The belief in Hinduism that after a person dies, his or her soul is reborn into another body.
23 The period in which Great Britian controlled India as a part of the BritishEmpire.
25 A large coniferous forest.
26 (2 words)An area built up by rich fertile soil left by river floods.
27 Specific to a particular place or people.
29 (2 words)A situation that occurs when the value of a country's imports is higher than the country's exports.
30 (2 words)Home or village based industry in which people make simple goods using their own equipment.
31 (2 words)A system of government in which the ruler has complete control.
34 A society based on herding animals.
35 A large landmass that is part of a continent.
36 (2 words)The effort to use modern technologies and science to increase food production in poorer countries.
37 (3 words)An area of a country where a single power has been granted exclusive trading rights.
42 A long necked 7 string instrument outside and 10 strings inside that provides indian music.
43 The plant life in a particular environment.
44 Actually; in reality.
45 A group of people who are different from most of the population.
1 A huge city.
3 A farm that is owned by the government but run by a group of farmers who work together.
4 A large farm.
5 Having lower temperatures and cooler nights than hot, dry deserts.
6 To supply water to land through ditches and pipes.
7 A powerful land owning warrior in Japan
8 A giant ocean wave caused by volcanic eruptions or movements of the earth under the ocean floor.
9 The countries bordering the Pacific Ocean.
10 Belief in one God.
11 A dry riverbed that fills with water when rare rain falls in the desert.
13 When a city grows larger and spreads into nearby areas.
14 (2 words)A form of government in which a monarch is the head of state but elected officials run the government.
16 One thousand year period.
17 (2 words)A country's main city that is so large and influencial that it controls the whole country.
19 A circular-shaped island made of coral.
21 A line of rulers from a single family that holds power for a long time.
24 Lowest caste in the Indian society; also called the 'Untouchables.'
28 Belief in many Gods
32 A fertile area that rises up in the desert wherever water is available
33 A social class system that a person is born into that cannot change.
35 The ruler of a muslim country.
37 A military leader who ruled Japan in early times.
38 Hiring workers from another country to do a set of jobs.
39 The animal life in a particular environment.
40 A type of tourism in which people visit a country to enjoy its natural wonders.
41 A system of government in which the government controls the ways of producing goods.
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