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Astronomy Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
2 A visible gaseous ratified envelope of a sun or star
3 The process where the sun allows to give off energy; 'refuels the sun'
4 Intense energy radiation that is released caused by sunspots
5 Gases envelope surrounding a star or sun
6 The inner most core and the outer most convection zone
7 A bright extending feature from the corona
8 Is the visible surface of a planet; the luminous envelope of a star in which light and heat radiate
10 A turbulent region of plasma; turns plasma into energy
11 A stream of charged partials that are released from the upper atmosphere of the sun
14 important to the formation, structure, and evolution of both the Sun and our Solar System
1 A radiation belt that holds a layer of energetic charged particles around a magnetized planet ex. Earth
9 Stars give this off when energy is given off
12 A part of the visible light range in the electromagnetic spectrum, so we can see it
13 what is also given off from stars and has a big role in space over all
15 made by a collision from electrically charged partials released from the sun ;Also known as the northern lights
16 The center or middle of a planet
17 A spot or patch that is dark in color found on the sun
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