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Atoms Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Complete this crossword

                    C         E                      
                    H         U     E N E R G Y      
                    A         T     L                
                    R         R     E                
                    G         A     C   B            
                C H E M I C A L     T   O            
                H                   R   N            
                E L E C T R O N C L O U D            
                M                   N                
          N E G I T I V E                            
                C                   A   C            
              V A L E N C E E L E C T R O N          
        E       L                   O   M            
        L       P                   M   P R O T O N  
        E       R E A C T I V I T Y     O            
  R     M       O                       U            
  E     E       P       R               N E U T R O N
M A S S N U M B E R     E     P         D            
  C     T       R       A     O                      
  T           A T O M I C M A S S                    
  I             Y   I   T     I                      
  O                 X   A     T                      
  N U C L E U S     T   N     I                      
                    U   T     V                      
                    R         E                      
Across Down
3 Power which must be transformed into motion
5 A compound that has been purified
6 Where electrons go around the neucleus of an atom
7 Electrons have ______ charge
10 An atom located in the outermost shell of an atom
12 A subatomic particle with a positive charge
13 State of being reactive
16 Subatomic particle without and electron charge
17 The total number of protons & neutrons
19 The mass of an atom
21 A positively charged core of an atom
1 An object with not a negitive or positive charge
2 Unit of matter with more or fewer electrons or protons
3 Subatomic particle with a negitive charge
4 Rearrangement of electrons in two atoms
5 Material that becomes evident during a chemical reaction
8 The basic unit of a chemical reaction
9 What is formed when two or more chemical elements are bonded together
11 Composed of atoms with the same atomic mass
14 When atoms arrange themselves to form a new substance
15 Substance that takes part in & undergoes change during a reaction
18 Protons have a _______ charge
20 Material system made up of two or more different substances which are not combined chemically
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