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Audiology Terms Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Audiology Terms

          C     C                                    
        T E N S O R T Y M P A N I                    
          R     C                             M      
                H                 P           O      
      T R A V E L I N G W A V E   I           D      
                E                 N           I      
        S U M M A T I N G P O T E N T I A L   O      
                R                 A           L      
M A N U B R I U M                             U   S  
                I N T E R A U R A L I N T E N S I T Y
                C                                 E  
                R E S T I N G P O T E N T I A L   R  
                O                                 E  
              S P E C T R A L A N A L Y S I S     O  
                H                         M       C  
              C O C H L E A R D U C T     P       I  
                N                         E       L  
            B U I L D U P N E U R O N S   D       I  
                C       H         S   P   A       A  
                    S T A P E S   S   E   N          
                        S         I   C   C          
                        E         C   U   E          
                        L         L   L              
                        O         E   U              
                        C         S   M              
                  T R A G U S                        
Across Down
3 middle ear muscle acting on the malleus
6 the wavelike action of the basilar membrane arising from stimulation of the perilymph of the vestibule
7 a sustained, direct current shift in the endocochlear potential that occurs when the organ of corti is stimulated by sounds
8 process of malleus forming the major attachment to the tympanic membrane
10 the difference between signal intensity arriving at left and right ears of a listener
11 voltage potential differences that can be measured from the cochlea at rest
12 analysis of an acoustical signal to determine the relative contribution of individual frequency components
14 the membranous cochlear labyrinth, housing the sensory organs of the inner ear
15 those neurons in the auditory pathway that show a pattern of slow increase in firing rate through the initial stages of discharge
19 the final bone of the ossicular chain, 'stirrup'
20 flaplike landmark of auricle approximating the concha
1 mechanism for converting energy from one form to another
2 stimulus related auditory potential, being a direct electrical analog of the stimulus
4 the structure of the bony labyrinth forming the central core of the cochlea
5 auricle, making up the readily visible portion of the outer ear
9 minute cilia protruding from the surface of hair cells
13 resistance to flow of energy
16 the tendency of a neuron to respond to a particular phase of an acoustic signal
17 the three bones of the middle ear
18 instrument used to examine orifices and canals
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