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Baby Shower Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Baby Shower

C R I B                                      
      T   M                                  
      T   O   T                              
    B L A N K E T     B                      
      E   I   D       O N E S I E            
          T   D       U                 M    
    L     O   Y       N     S           O    
    A     R   B U R P C L O T H         M    
    B         E   O   E     R     P     M    
  F O R M U L A   C   R     O   D A D D Y    
    R         R   K         L     C       C  
                  I         L   D I A P E R S
        B A S S I N E T     E     F       Y  
        O         G         R   B I B     I  
        O         C               E       N  
  T E E T H E R   H I G H C H A I R       G  
        I         A                          
N U R S E R Y     I                          
        S       P R E G N A N C Y            
                L       E     A              
            C R A W L   W   C R A D L E      
                Y       B     S              
            W I P E S   O     E              
                E       R   R A T T L E      
          S W I N G     N     T              
Across Down
1 baby sleeps in this
5 keeps baby warm
7 popular baby clothes
11 you put this on your shoulder to catch baby's messes
14 if you are not going to breastfeed, you will be buying this
15 male parent
17 baby wears these and will go through quite a lot of them
18 baby can sleep in this for about the first 3 months
19 helps keep baby clean when he eats
20 baby will need this when his pearly whites come in
21 you put baby in here when he starts to eat solid foods
22 this is the baby's room
23 this lasts for 9 months
26 baby will do this before he learns to walk
27 another word for crib
28 you use these to clean the baby when changing his diaper
29 popular baby toy that makes noise
30 baby will enjoy going back and forth in this
2 baby drinks out of this
3 you can hear the baby in another room through this
4 popular stuffed toy for baby to cuddle
6 baby will enjoy going up and down in this
8 female parent
9 hard work
10 you put baby in this when you go on walks
12 you sit in this when you lull baby to sleep
13 baby sucks on this
16 baby will do a lot of this, especially when he is hungry
18 keeps baby's feet warm
23 put baby in here so you can keep an eye on them, but they can still have fun
24 baby that was just brought into the world
25 put baby in this when you are driving
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