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Bank Statements Crossword Puzzle

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Bank Statements


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Across Down
5 a nonprofit financial institution owned by people who have something in common
6 employer or government agencies might choose to give you your paycheck electronically
9 the person that supervises the bank operations
11 an account that earns intererest and encourages you to save
13 the person who takes applications for loans
16 a method of electronicaly transfering money from one back to another
17 a place to keep your money and provides financial services
1 the amount of money you have in your account
2 a saving banks or loan association that is smililar to a bank
3 money you add to your account
4 money you borrow from a back with a written promise to pay it back later
5 an account that lets you write checks to pay bills or buy goods
7 a plastic card that you use at the ATM
8 a computer where you can deposit,withdraw, or transfer money
10 similar to a check; used to pay bills, make purchases
12 a charge for services
14 the extra money in your account that the bank pays you for keeping your money
15 the person behind the counter who takes money,answer questions, and cashes checks
16 the process of taking money from your bank account
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