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Banner IN The Sky Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Banner In The Sky

                        S L A G   D     B                
                            C     E     O                
                            C     S     U   P            
                            U     P     L   I            
                            R     I     D   N            
                      J     S     S     E   N            
                    L A M M E R G E I E R   A            
                      M                     C H A S M    
                    B E A U S I T E H O T E L            
      K U R T A L     S                     E            
              N     F R A U I S L E M A T T              
              G       A                                  
    C I T A D E L   I M P A S S A B L E   T U R M O I L  
              L       S                   W           U  
              F     T E O Z U R B R I G G E N         L  
      M I S H A P     Y               R   N           L  
              C       U               U   T H R U S T    
            D E N T B L A N C H E     S   Y              
                      L               S   Y              
      N O V I C E     M               G   E              
            N         A     D   J     O   A R R O G A N T
            T H E C O N Q U E R O R   T   R              
            O     H         C   S     T   S P E C T R E  
            X   H O V E R   R   E                        
            I     C         E   F                        
            C     K     N   P   M                        
            A     S     E   I   A                        
R U D I M A T T   T     W   T   T                        
E           E     O     Y       T                        
B                 N     O                                
U         W H I T E F U R Y                              
F           E           K                                
F           A                                            
Across Down
1 The solidified lava from a volcano
7 A large type of vulture that lives in mountain regions
8 A deep fissure in the earth, rock, or another surface
9 The place where Rudi works
10 The town where people go to climb
12 Rudi's mother
13 The mountain that is conquered at the end of the novel
14 Impossible to move along or pass
15 A state of great disturbance, confusion
17 The cook at the Beau Site Hotel
19 An unlucky accident
20 The motion of pushing or lunging suddenly or violently
21 A mountain that was conquered
22 A person who has just started learning or doing something
26 Having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities
27 Ch.19 in book
29 A ghost
30 To remain one place in the air
32 Protagonist in story
33 The name of Chapter 8
2 Under a curse; loathsome
3 Feel contempt or a deep repugnance for someone
4 A big rock
5 The most successful point; the culmination. A high point of a piece of rock.
6 The author of Banner in The sky
11 The name that Rudi was called by all the boys in Kurtal
15 How long Uncle Franz has been climbing mountains
16 A temporary of quiet or lack of
18 German for 'God's Greetings'
23 (of alcoholic drink or drug) cause to loose control of their facilities or behaviour; drunk; inebriated.
24 Worn out or ruined because of age or neglect
25 Rudi Matt's father
28 A stone that has been wedged in a vertical cleft
31 Where J.R.U was born
32 Reject someone or something in an abrupt or ungracious manner
34 During the avalanche in Ch.8, Captain Winter was injured here
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