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Basic Business Terminology Crossword Puzzle

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Basic Business Terminology

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2 progress through life, especially in a profession; an occupation, a way of making a living
7 marketing strategy that takes the brand name of one product category and extends it to another
10 wealthy individual provides you with the money to start your business
11 amount by which the selling price of an asset exceeds the seller's initial purchase price
12 situation in which an entrepreneur's main source of income and net worth depend on the entrepreneur's business.
13 summary statement of accounting values of assets, liabilities, stock, and retained earnings
14 investigation process an investor should conduct into the operations and business plan assumptions of a company soliciting investors
15 any printed or broadcast message paid for by an identified organization to a target market
16 laws that protect investors from being misled by investment people who misrepresent the value of investments
17 coming up with a product or service and finding a way for people to buy it from you.
1 type of business; separate entity from those persons who run it. Provides limited liability, easy transfer of ownership and unlimited life
2 primary function that a good or service is providing to a consumer
3 any individual, household, or company representative that acts as a buyer of goods or services offered to the mass market
4 act of making up one's mind; resolution
5 a set of restrictions by a lender on a borrower regarding how the borrower must operate the business
6 selling technique in which a salesperson approaches a customer with little or no warning.
7 measure of consumer knowledge that a particular brand exists
8 legal proviso, indicating ownership of written or drawn material such that the material cannot be reproduced without the expressed consent of the author.
9 a market in which stock prices are expected to rise
11 an asset that is used to secure a loan; would be taken from you in the event that you can't pay the loan back.
17 name, term, symbol, or design intended to identify clearly and differentiate a sellerís product
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