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Basic Calculus Crossword Puzzle

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Basic Calculus

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Across Down
7 A function of the form y = abcx+b + e
10 A number or measurement that is close to or near its exact value.
13 Result of differentiating the function and are used to find the slope of non-linear equations at a given point.
14  X
16 Having more than one variable.
20 A function is considered----------if its graph has no gaps, no holes, no steps, and no.
21 a bound beyond which they may not realize.
22 A mathematical sentence stating that the two expressions have the same value.
23 y time------- derivative
24 The ratio of change in the vertical axis (y-axis) to each unit change in the horizontal axis (x-axis) in the form rise/run.
25 a general proposition not self-evident but proved by a chain of reasoning; a truth established by means of accepted truths.
1 Exponential, trigonometric, and logarithmic functions are types of ----------functions.
2 A relation in which each value of x is paired with a unique value of y.
3 A line that touches a function curve at a single point.
4 An integral which is evaluated over an interval.Definite--------
5 having no bounds or boundary.
6 When a function is literally not continuous because of a gap, a step, a hole, or any kind of 'break'.
8 The result of adding numbers or expressions together.
9 Beware that mathematicians consider straight lines to be -----------
11 To approach a limit is to experience-------------
12 diagram showing the relation between variable quantities, typically of two variables, each measured along one of a pair of axes at right angles.
15 Branch of mathematics concerned with the rates of changes between variables (derivatives) as well as areas under curves that represent functions (integrals).
17 Is a point on the graph that is undefined or does not fit the rest of the graph.--------Discontinuity.
18 a line that continually approaches a given curve but does not meet it at any finite distance.
19 A specific location in space that has no discernable length or width.
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