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Basic Electricity Crossword Puzzle

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Basic Electricity

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Across Down
1 The unit of measurement for the capacitance of a capacitor.
2 having both positive and negative polarity
4 A named block of information stored on a data storage device.
7 basic unit of matter
8 the negative terminal of a diode
9 The reference point from which all voltages are measured in a circuit.
10 one of the three terminals of a transistor BJT
12 The unit of measurement for the inductance of an inductor.
13 the positive terminal of a diode
14 the maximum value of a periodic wave
15 an assembly of one or more conductors insulated from each other
17 any alteration of the original shape or signal traveling down a transmission medium
18 a unit of measure used to express the ratio of two amounts of the same quantity
20 the data stream from the networkto the subscriber
21 The space in the valence shell of an atom left by the electron when it breaks free and enters the conduction band of a conductor.
22 the measure of the ability of an object to conduct electric current
25 A proportional increase in voltage, curent or power produced by an electronic circuit of antenna.
26 a periodic wave used to perform mondulation
27 a device that converts chemical energy into electrical potential energy
28 a communication path defined on a transmission medium
1 The amount of complete cycles occurring in one second of time for a periodic wave.
3 a multimeter used to measure current
5 The circuitry used to connect one part of a computer system to another.
6 a material having 5 to 8 valence electrons that strongly opposes the current flow.
11 used to reduce amplitude distortion
16 a shorter way to write repeated multiplication of the same number by itself
19 the device that performs equalization
23 a collection of symbols that represents information
24 the negatively charged particles of matter making up an atom
27 it allows the data transfer between two or more parts of a computer
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