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Basic Electricity Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Basic Electricity

          A L T E R N A T O R          
          L             O     V        
R E S I S T A N C E     R     O        
          E         F     H   L        
      D I R E C T C U R R E N T        
          N         S     A            
I N S U L A T O R   E     T         S  
          T                   L     E  
      S   I N S U L A T O R R E T U R N
      W   N                   N     I  
      I   G                   G     E  
      T   C O N D U C T O R   T     S  
      C   U                 O H M      
    S H O R T C I R C U I T            
      O P E N C I R C U I T            
    F     N                            
  E L E C T R O N S                    
    U       E                          
    X       L                          
Across Down
2 Converts mechanical energy to electrical energy
4 Reduces current flow in a circuit
7 Electron flow in one direction
8 A material that impedes the flow of electrons
12 A circuit were an electrical cable completes the return path back to the power source
13 A material that allows the free flow of electrons
14 Unit of electrical resistance
15 An unintentional premature return path in a circuit
16 A broken or switched off circuit
18 Negative charged particles that orbit the nucleus of an atom
1 Converts electrical energy to mechanical energy
2 Reciprocating electron flow
3 The unit of electrical pressure
5 Protects an electrical circuit in the event of a short circuit
6 Can increase the resistance of a fixed conductor
9 A circuit were the consumers are connected one after another
10 Resistance in an electrical cable can vary with
11 Controls to make and break of an electrical circuit
17 The lines of force or force field around a magnet is also refereed to as the area of influence of magnetic
19 An electrically controlled switch
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