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Basil The Great Mouse Detective Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Basil The Great Mouse Detective

Characters Heroes and Villains and Places From The Film

                T   L         M                  
                H   I         R                  
                U   C     B   S                  
                G   I     A   J                  
M R F L A V E R S H A M   R   U                  
  A     N                 M   D                  
  T     D R D A V I D Q D A W S O N              
  T     A                 I   O                  
  R   S H O W G I R L     D   N                  
  A     A                             T O B Y    
  P   O L I V I A F L A V E R S H A M     A      
        F                                 R      
        B A S I L O F B A K E R S T R E E T      
        B                                 E      
      B A K E R S T R E E T         P I A N I S T
        K                                 D      
        E                         L       E      
      P R O F E S S O R R A T I G A N     R      
        S                         D              
  V I C T O R I A N L O N D O N   Y              
        R                         M              
M O U S E Q U E E N               O              
        E                         U              
  B A R T H O L O M E W           S              
                          F I D G E T            
Across Down
5 The Toymaker
8 The Surgeon and Basil's New Trusted Associate
9 The Professional Stage Singer at the Rat Trap
10 The Dog Trained by Basil
12 Flaversham's Young and Only Daughter
13 The Private Consulting Mouse Detective
14 The Street where Basil's Flat is Located
15 A Professional Piano Player at the Rat Trap
17 The Criminal Master Minded Rat and Basil's Lifelong Arch-enemy
18 The City where and when this film is set in
19 The Female Monarch of Mousedom
20 A Poor Drunken Mouse who gets Executed as punishment who insulting His Boss
21 The Peglegged, Crippled Winged Bat, and Ratigan's Top Henchman
1 The Huge, Obese Cat and Ratigan's Pet Executioner
2 Ratigan's Loyal Henchmen
3 Basil's Hard-working House Keeper
4 The Female Mouse Waitress at the Rat Trap
6 A Seedy Pub Near the Waterfront
7 Basil's Flat
11 The Owner of the Rat Trap
16 A Female Mouse Who Comes on Basil's Next Case
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