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Beginners Economics Crossword Puzzle

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Beginners Economics

Based on Economics Vocabulary

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Across Down
1 People who buy and use products
5 Amount of goods available in the market place
8 Nations with many industries and advanced technology
10 A method used by a society to produce and distribute goods and services
11 Economic system where decisions are made on customs, traditions, and beliefs of the past
12 What is given up to choose another option
15 Nation's GDP divided by its population
17 Combination of skills, education, and experiences that determines your value as a worker
21 Central banking system of the United States - manages growth of the economy
24 A region where a group of countries agree to reduce or eliminate tariffs
27 Government leaving the economy alone (hands off approach)
1 Economic system where individuals own most businesses
2 General rise in prices - money is worth less
3 Spending your money on something that may grow in value
4 Not enough resources to meet needs and wants
6 Economic system where the buyers and sellers make the economic decisions
7 Economic system with a system of markets where the government plays an important role
8 Nations with few industries and simple technology
9 Item we would like to have but is not necessary for survival
13 Economic system where the central government owns factories, farms, and offices
14 Choose one action or course over another; gives up opportunities
16 Economic system where the central authority makes all the decisions; government control
18 Taxes on imported goods
19 Gross Domestic Product; total dollar value of goods produced in a country
20 Items like air, food, and shelter; necessary to live
22 Owners and workers
23 The ability and desire of consumers to buy a good
25 Using resources in a way to maximize the production of goods and services
26 Paper money or coins
28 A system where people make, exchange, and use things that have value
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